Green Almonds Nutrition and Benefits

green almonds

Green almond is the newly harvested variation of the classic fried almonds. It contains numerous nutrients that are valuable to health and important for hair and skincare.

Although dried almonds are commonly consumed, just a few people have experienced the pleasure in the taste of the green almonds. Fresh almonds are usually obtainable only during spring when they are usually harvested.

Green Almond Fun Facts

Both almonds and peaches are recognized to have originated from the same prehistoric rootstock native to China and Central Asia, and as the continent’s terrain developed and their mountains evolved, peaches began to spread into eastern china, while almonds went westward. Nomads discovered the almond tree fruits and carried them along in their escapades; the almond fruit began to spread further, gaining a reputation rapidly. Evidence of this can be traced and found in the existence of ancient wild trees along old trade routes and population centers close to several prehistoric cities.

However, according to records, almonds were first cultivated in the Mediterranean climate regions of Spain, Iran, Greece, and Rome. In the early 1700s, almonds first traveled from Spain to the US through Franciscan Padres. Almonds didn’t become popular right away, not until 1850 that California Pioneers would pinpoint the best growing conditions that put the almond tree on the path to becoming one of the most popularly produced nuts in the US.

Green Almond Nutrition

Green Almonds

Green almond is filled with the same nutritional content as dry almonds such as vitamin E, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium, L-carnitine, and riboflavin. Green almonds also come with fiber and protein and contain a very low glycemic index.


Fresh green almonds can be either used when mature or young. However, if you are going to use it when matured, you should remove the husk, and then you can use the inner almond. You can sprinkle it lightly combined with salt to cut its sharp flavor or just serve as it is.

Slice the almonds thin and add salads or use it to make pickled condiments or salsa. Sauté green almonds slice easily in olive oil, lemon, and sea salt or poach whole in olive oil. You can also use for ice cream, sliced atop fruit tarts, and several other desserts. The fruit gets more mature towards the end or middle of summer, and then they can be used to prepare almond milk.

Green almond also pairs well with watercress, the tart flowers of arugula, and lemon; with fish, lobster, lamb, and rabbit; and with apricot, rhubarb, artichoke, asparagus, nectarines, capes, and berries. To store green almonds, keep them refrigerated and ensure to use them before three weeks.

Nonetheless, green almonds have maintained an outstanding reputation among its peers. So, what makes them unique?

Green Almond Nutrition Health Benefits

Green Almonds

This fruit is infamous for its health benefit coupled with recent studies that have indicated that they are also beneficial for skin and hair care. Let’s see what they are all about!

  • Green almonds are superb for a healthy heart.

The peculiar skin that wraps the almonds contains several flavonoids, substances that carry antioxidant strength. Some researchers at the University of Tufts has revealed that flavonoids work combined with vitamin E by protecting the blood vessels’ walls from potential damage or breakage. This means by consuming this fruit, and you can prevent harmful cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks.

  • Green almonds fight against bad cholesterol.

Green almonds are a notorious choice to battle dense lipoproteins or dangerous cholesterol. Therefore, consuming them regularly can help hold this value at bay.

  • Green almonds are superb for the teeth and bones.

The high mineral salt concentration in green almonds is specifically beneficial to the teeth and bones.

  • Green almonds hold excessive blood sugar at bay.

After eating, our glucose level in the bloodstream rises, which is not healthy. This is another issue green almonds help with. They reduce blood sugar levels.

  • Green almonds are great for the immune defense system.

These almonds are filled in antioxidants and several other substances that are useful to the organism. They also effectively support the work of the immune defense system and help protect the body from diseases.

  • Green almonds boost the nervous system.

Due to the presence of magnesium and other substances like riboflavin and L-carnitine, green almonds offer essential nutrition for the nerves and brain.

  • Green almonds aid weight loss.

Even though green almonds are caloric, they can help in weight loss since they contain healthy fats and some other substances that support the body metabolism.

  • Green almonds are perfect for intestinal regularity.

They contain numerous fibers, vital properties to have an excellent intestinal regularity, which fights constipation.

Benefits to the Skin

  1. Green almonds contain anti-aging properties: green almonds are vitamin E and several other antioxidants, as we’ve mentioned earlier. It is for this that they can help battle other toxins in our bodies. It also great for the skin as it makes it younger and smoother if you take them continually. Aside from consuming them orally, you can apply almond oil on the face of the skin.
  2. Green almonds are nutritious to sensitive skin: due to the vitamin E in almonds, cells in the skin get nourished at the right point, making the entire skin more healthy and hydrated.
  3. Green almonds help fight against pimples and blackheads: green almonds serve as natural detoxifiers in the body. It also helps improve the skin to battle acne, pimples, and blackheads.
  4. Green almonds protect the skin from sun damage: daily consumption of green almonds helps fight premature aging, boost and revitalize the skin. It can also watch the skin from ultraviolet rays from the skin.

Benefits to the Hair

Green almonds nutrition help prevent excessive hair loss. The fruit is endowed with minerals, vitamins, and numerous other nutrients that nourish the hair’s roots on the body.

Where can you get Green Almonds?

Green almonds can only be gotten during the spring months, including April and May, or during harvesting periods – you can’t preserve them for too long if they aren’t well dried.

The perfect alternative is to get a trusted producer around your region that can supply you consistently. You can get a farmer closest to you.